3 Replies to “St Kilda Rainbow”

  1. Well, silly me, it’s not the church at all; it’s the esplanade clock. Marvellous clock too, always showed four different times on it’s four obscure faces – each of them incorrect. What fun. Well you can bet that’s been been fixed up now – now that the latte swarm have taken over. One thing they won’t stand for is inefficiency.

  2. That domed tower in the right foreground is the Sacred Heart church. There’s a large statue of Christ somewhere near it, I thought it was actually on the tower itself. Well, it’s something you see but don’t study. At night, the harlots would stand on the footpath outside the church watching the cars come up the hill; gutter crawlers. I saw their misery, these harlots; and heard about their deaths.

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