I’m Getting Fit. Or Dying. It’s Hard To Tell

Oh dear god. The other day I caught sight of my stomach in the mirror. I’ve been trying to avoid this for a very long time but with a full length mirror in the bathroom this is a task that requires greater powers of avoidance than even I can muster. After checking to make sure I wasn’t pregnant (phew, that’s a relief) I decided I had to do something about it.

That ‘something’ started this afternoon with a half hour hike around the lake. It would have been a glorious walk through the bush if I could have breathed using my screaming lungs, could have walked with my near geriatric legs and I really should have know better than to attempt those stomach crunches. I did manage to stumble back home and so far my heart is still beating. Best of all I managed to overcome the temptation to reward myself with a chocolate biscuit. What will power.

Regular readers (Hi Mum and Dad) will pleased to know the trees that Olivia Newton John planted are doing fine.

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