Quick Review : Ignore them. They will go away.
Not So Quick Review (That Gives Away The Ending) : Mel Gibson stars as an ex-priest who rediscovers his faith after invading aliens are defeated when someone spills a glass of water on them.

Village Sunshine, Cinema 19, D 17

Rae told me I wasn’t allowed to give away the ending but I don’t care. Films such as this don’t deserve the cone of silence. Oh god this was bad. If you thought it sounded silly from the NSQRTGATE above then you are 100% correct. A movie that tries to be a serious examination of faith is so mired in silly sci-fi hokum (and I love my sci-fi, I truly do) that all you can do is ask for your money back at the end.

You’ll spend all your time wondering if Mel Gibson was awake at all as he acted, if Rory Culkin is just a clone of Macaulay and why Joaquin Phoenix is spending all that time in the cupboard.

You’ll jump because the music gets loud, you’ll sigh when the music is soft. This film that references War of The Worlds (click to listen to the Orson Wells broadcast) , Close Encounters, Aliens – even Predator should have concentrated on telling its own story. M N Shyamalan can make great films – we all know that. Go rent that, then rent Close Encounters of The Third Kind on DVD to see how to make gloriously perfect sci-fi movies.

Oh Dear God! I just saw that this load of movie-making-by-numbers-that-makes-no-sense has a higher score on The Internet Movie Database than Close Encounters . What is wrong with you people?

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