Phee’s Latest Disney Idol

Phoebe has a new Disney idol. And who would this lovely little six year old spend every waking hour obsessing over? The beautiful Snow White, the noble Lion King, the charming Little Mermaid?

Nope, not our little gal. It’s Maleficent – the evil queen from ‘Sleeping Beauty‘.

Rae and I were sitting in the kitchen last night when we hear Phee yell out ‘Noooooooo’. Rae gets up to investigate and comes back with the news that Phee was very upset – she wanted the dragon to win, not the Prince.

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  1. Phee’s all righty! I love Maleficent as well. She’s glamourous, powerful, intriguing. Phee’s taste in glam & power assures her a life plenty of emotion. So as mine. Cheers, parents!

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