Dad Test

Tonight was the first night I’ve been responsible for Phee – from pick up to bed. Rae’s back working one evening shift a fortnight so I picked up Phee from Zita’s and we hit the road.

Shopping, didn’t lose here there.
Home, reader read.
I bring in washing, she sweeps up the leaves.
Dinner provided (KFC – her choice. Honestly)
Two episodes of the Simpsons with associated hugs on the couch.
Successful shower.
PJ’s provided (Forgot the singlet, but there were two pairs of undies to make up for this.)
In bed without one tear/yelling match.

All in all, I give myself a pass.

For those who don’t the story, when I met Rae I also met her daughter Phee. We became a little family (including Thomas the cat) just over a couple of months ago when we moved into our new place.

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