Bend ’em Like Beckham

Quick Review : If you have a heart, it will be warmed.
Not So Quick Review : The story of a young woman in Indian family in England who want to play soccer. When all that matters is marrying the right man what is she to do?

The Rivoli, Cinema 1, L20

A great little film from England. Just as Australians do ‘quirky’ better than anyone the English seem to be able to turn out these heart warming comedies in a class of their own.

This story of a young girl, Jess, who lives in a traditional Indian family environment whose one wish is to play soccer. You can guess the twists and turns as she secretly joings a girls team, falls for the coach and her sister’s marriage is arranged for the day of the big match.

No great plot surprises but it’s the people that make this such a joy to watch. Young Jess, her equally as soccer obsessed friend Jules, their coach Joe and Jess’ family. Their intertwining lives will give you two hours of care free fun.

Not a must see at the cinema, you can put it off until DVD.

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