More on the Weekend From Hell

Regular readers will no doubt remember the Guests That Ate Our Weekend incidents (see the archives, July 1, 2002). Well, there’s more drama brewing.

Rae decided that she couldn’t be part of the bridal party – it would just to be too stressful and most likely result in the death of several innocent people – so she wrote Sharyn a letter. Nothing too specific, just that she thought she could no longer be part of the bridal party and that she was withdrawing. She posted it last Thursday.

Rae and I arrived home last night from Rob’s birthday dinner to find the light blinking on our answering machine. I pressed ‘play’.

“Hello Raelene. It’s Sharyn. I got your letter. Call me.”

She didn’t sound happy.

So, if you try calling us and no one answers the phone between now and October, don’t be surprised. Leave a message, we’ll get back to you. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions on how to deal with disgruntled rednecks please leave a comment.

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