My Sister Lost Her Job Today

My sister, Kate, lost her job today. After 22 years she was given 3 weeks notice. June 22 and it’s all over. The banks are baying at the door and the boss retrenched her. I’m not sure it will help any. Getting rid of people who do the work, and know a business from the ground up, rarely does any good. I suppose, in fairness to Dale, when you can see all you consider your own slipping away then anything and anyone has to be fair game.

This situation is more than normal though for her boss is also her brother-in-law. How would it feel waking up in the morning knowing you are going to sack your sister-in-law? How would it feel taking that news from family? Easier? Harder? I can’t begin to know and hopefully I will never find out.

I’m sure Kate will do fine. She is genuinely wonderful person. Any employer who picks her up will be getting a real gem.

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