Here We Go

Here We Go

I’m gonna be a Westie. The agents called Rae last night and we have the house – wow! That was so quick, just over 24 hours. The amazing thing is that the agent said we can move in tomorrow – which would give the current tenant one day to get out. We saw the stuff she had in there and it’s going to take her longer than 24 hours to pack and move.

So, not sure when it will be, will know when later this afternoon. Rae has to break her lease so we are hoping she can do this sooner rather than later. May be a busy week or two ahead. I’m paid up until June 1 and I’m sure Veronica will be very flexible. She’s a great gal.

Combining Rae’s and my ‘stuff’ will be interesting – the house will have two DVD players, three televisions, two stereos, two queen size beds (although one will go to Rae’s mum), over 100 movies on DVD, about 600 CD’s – no shortage of entertainment, which is a good thing ’cause money is going to be tight for a while. There are two parks – one through the back fence (thankfully there is a gate) and one directly across the road. I don’t know the area that well so discovering the delights of Newport will no doubt be fun for a while.

Exciting times ahead, stay tuned.

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