Saturday Morning See Saw

Saturday Morning See Saw

In at work on a Saturday. Some kind person kindly pointed out that ‘hospital’ was spelt incorrectly on the front page of the web site. Doh! Fixed it in a jiffi and made an excuse so we didn’t look quite so bad.

So, down about the footy last night. The poor doggies are 0-5 for starting the season. Rae’s face was long as a wet weekend in Hobart as we walked back to the station. I think she said one word between the final siren and hopping into bed. They had everything to play for and still couldn’t pull it off. I’m getting geared for The Tiges this afternoon – taking on the Hawks at the G. Rae hasn’t sat in the Great Southern Stand before so this’ll be an experience. Phee says she is going to wear her Tiger tail and ears, the smart money says they’ll be left in the car at Armadale station.

Must head home and clean up my room, see if Veronica is up yet although as it’s not midday she and Steve are probably still fast asleep.

All I can say is ‘Go Tiges!’

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