OCD Torture

We had new clothes lines put up today.

This will drive me mad for as long as we live here.


Don’t Tell Miss K

Kennedy spent the night at Nana’s last night, having a sleepover.

This morning Mr Henry came in to bed as he normally does and we were having a chat.

“I sort of miss Kennedy.” he said softly. “I even miss her arguments.”

And that’s how you melt a heart.

Super Odd

Rae and Moo went vintage clothes shopping today leaving the boys and I at home. I thought ‘Why should the girls have all the fun?’ so I took the boys shopping.

I bought them a Lego set each and I popped in to JB to check out a new mouse. On the way out there were two young ladies manning a stall. One looked at me, smiled and instead of the spiel she said ‘Being a super dad today?’

What an odd thing to say and it’s had me wondering what on earth I was doing that was so super?

I smiled back and said ‘Every day’.

Then we went for lunch.



DSC_0330 1We’ve been a one cat family for a few years and even though we’ve talked about getting another we’ve erred on the side of keeping the peace for Bella, who has been a lot happier since she was queen of the house.

Well, last Friday as we were having a glass of bubbles on the deck Rae read that the Lost Dog Home had too many cats and to they were waiving all fees on adoptions. Then she showed me pictures of poor cats wanting a family. She must have got me at exactly the right time ‘cause I said yes.

Saturday we all went in to the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne to meet the cats. There were so many but one lady met our criteria and caught our eye. We needed a calm cat, one who could cope with another cat, one that could cope with kids and ‘Kitty’ was it.  She came out of her little box and sat there, accepted pats from excited kids and didn’t bat an eyelid. She was it. What made us even happier was when we found out she had been waiting three months for a family. She’s six years old, or so the home thinks, and is so relaxed she must have come from another family.

She is the calmest cat you could wish to meet. When Bella made it very clear she wasn’t happy that there was another cat on the couch Frankie didn’t even flinch at the hissing or growling. She has spent the last two days sitting on Moo’s bed having decided this is her safe place until she’s happy to start exploring her new world. After months living in a tiny box it’s no wonder she is a bit overwhelmed at so much freedom.

Bella isn’t happy with us, refusing to sit on our laps now but the protest doesn’t reach as far as bed. Our bed is too comfortable to give up, principles or not. So we’re a two cat family again. Hopefully it won’t be long until Frankie is comfortable here and wants to explore more of the house and become one of us.

Natural Bert

It’s so hard to get a natural photo of Bert. As soon as he sees the camera he stiffens up and stops smiling so when I managed to sneak this one of him the other day I was over the moon.


Guilty Pleasure Reading Challenge

One of my guilty pleasures, especially over summer, is reading Stephen King novels. I know, I know – but I enjoy them, and it probably dates back to reading It as a 16 year old when on summer holidays. Scared the living daylights out of me that one.

I’ve read a few more over the next * cough * 28 years or so and always found them fun. I normally buy his latest on Boxing Day and it becomes my new year’s break read.

Now a while ago I worked through Ian Rankin’s detective Rebus stories on the Kindle, which was fun and I’ve been wondering what to do next. Just the other day I was having a Twitter conversation with a teacher and it turned out they are tackling all of Stephen King’s books in order, or as close to as they can muster.

I did a quick search. 56 novels. Hmmm. That’s a few, and at around $12.00 a pop on the Kindle a bit pricy. So I’ve modified it. Over the next couple, maybe few, years I’m going to do the Stephen King Op Shop Challenge. I’m going to try and find each of books, in order, in op shops and second hand book shops and work my way through them. Only as a last resort will I buy them on Kindle and I have to find them for under $10.

Of course I’m not going to read only Mr King’s books, but I think this will be fun.

Now I’m off to hunt down ‘Carrie’.

My Guess Is Moo’s

Found this notepad this morning and was wondering who it belonged to.


Adding To The T-Shirt Collection

I can’t believe it. A couple of years ago I got to see Pulp and New Order in the same year and thought things couldn’t get much better than that.

Turns our I was wrong.

Next year I’m seeing four bands, five shows and all within the space of a couple of months.

First up in late February is Peter Hook and The Light performing two of the best New Order albums (mock me all you like but Technique is still my favourite). Having seen the rest of New Order this will nicely complete my set.

On the 10th March it’s Public Service Broadcasting at the Northcote Social Club – never been there before and three days later it’s Jesus Jones performing Doubt at the Corner.

Then the ones I think I’m looking forward to the most – two Frank Turner gigs. One at the Corner with Rae and then a few days laterI get to see him Geelong by myself. Rae and I have been to a Day On The Green and a couple of shows but in 14 years we’ve never been to an old fashioned gig together. Probably says a lot about our different musical tastes but we both like Frank Turner so it should be a great night.

So in the space of a month and a half I should have a few new cool t-shirts to add to the collection. Not sure who else is left that I’d run out see, Pet Shop Boys would be one but for now I think I’ve covered my British band invasion plans pretty well.


I’m ready for the day.

With thanks to Ren.


A Letter To My PE Teachers

Dear Miss Peel, Mr Demitiri, Mr Lia and Mr Robinson.

Hi, it’s me, Anthony Malloy, although I was pretty much exclusively called Molly at school. Just wondering if you remember me, but you probably don’t. I was the guy who was, without exception, always picked last in the teams, the one who held back and let others go in front me in the gym and the one who was thrilled to make it to year 10 so physical education was no longer compulsory. I’m sure you were all great people, good teachers too, but my teenage self despised you and what you put me through.

Even if you remember I’m not sure you’d recognise me now. Sure I’m older but if you remember me you’d remember be most likely for all the wrong reasons I mentioned above. You’d probably be amazed that Molly got out of bed this morning in the pouring rain and drove in to the city. He then walked a kilometre (amazing in itself, no?) in the rain to line up to run 5 kilometres. Yes. Run.

And run I did. It was pouring, belting down at times and the wind at the three k mark was like running in to a hurricane but I didn’t stop, I went faster. And I smiled all the way. My legs were killing me but the last k was just as fast as the first and according to the lovely lady who lives in my phone I ran that 5k faster than I ever have, smashed my aim of 26:00 and came in at 25:11 – 11 seconds shy of my ultimate dream. I’m not sure what my official time will be, the clock at the finishing line didn’t agree with Ms Endomondo, but I ran well, and I ran fast.

I don’t know what changed, I don’t know why I didn’t get it back then but if you read this and if you are still teaching (surely not) then just remember – that guy being picked last, that guy who can’t kick a footy to save himself, the guy who shrank every time he walked in the doors of the parish centre for gym; one day he may find he is actually good at something and a little encouragement from you now may help him avoid a 30 year wait to find out what that is.


Anthony Malloy

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