Two Seasons In One Day

From this


to this.


Well played Melbourne, well played.

Henry’s Run Through

A little while ago Rae won a competition, one she probably wishes had have been for herself. The prize? To get to run through the banner with the Bulldogs on game day. Mr Henry was the lucky boy and after initially being scared he slowly came around and by Sunday, thanks to gentle encouragement, positive talk and spiffy pair of new blue and orange sneakers (just like Bob Murphy’s boots) he was raring to go.

We were given access to the rooms as the boys finished their warm up and Zita, Rae, myself and the kids got to form part of the guard of honour as the players came on to the field. It was amazing being on the ground prior to the game, and I even managed to find a fellow TIger supporter in the line next to me.

We were so proud of our little man, he did just as he was told and did it all by himself. Google have made this great little film of him running along.

Well done little man, and go Dogs.




Another Year Done

The last home game for the year.

Scarf rolled up and tossed on top of the shelf in my office.

Big warm Tiger jacked put in the back of the cupboard.

Radio, battery removed and put on the shelf.

Lanyards added to the collection.

Roll on 2015.


I Did It

I am over the moon. I finally did it – I have just ran my first ever race and I’m on a high.

When I first started jogging via C25K I just wanted to get to 5k, which I did, and then think about running a race. It has taken me a while to summon up the courage but today I took part in Run Melbourne. I ran the 5K race on a perfect winter day. My amazing wife and kids came in to support me on my first attempt which made a world of difference.


The race itself was fantastic and I’ve learned a lot about race day procedure and running in a race itself. I ate correctly beforehand (no stitch!), hydrated well but made the mistake of placing myself down the back of the 25-30 minute wave so I spent the first kilometre trying to get some free space, shuffling along some times as people blocked the road. Next time, front of the wave and take the outside.

I even managed to come home fast, that final run in to the finish line with people cheering and clapping was amazing. I could have gone around again! I even got to give Rae a big sweaty hug when I finished which she pretended not to like.

My results are up. I ran 28.07 (curse those people blocking me at the start!) coming in 544th overall, 344th male across the line. I;m so proud of that result. The back of the medal we were given says ‘Remember this moment. You’ve earned it.’.

I did earn it, and I will remember it. The next race will be just a race but this one, my first, was incredibly special.


And We’re Back

Thanks to the vagaries of DNS the changeover took a while longer than I thought. In the end I had to export the database, import the database, copy the theme/uploads over and make some changes directly to the database to get things working.  It seems a site of this size (700MB+) isn’t catered for by most of the cloning or import/export plugins available for WordPress.

Still, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about how my host operates and the importance of encoding in SQL import files so it was a valuable exercise in the end. Now I can start moving my client sites over knowing I’ve encountered most of the issues I’m likely to.


All Change

I’m moving servers tomorrow so the site may not appear quite right for those who still wander on by to see what’s going on. It’s my first WordPress migration to this brand new server so no doubt I’ll find out that lots of things are broken. Still, it’s good to have a personal blog to test before I start moving over paying customers.

Not So Skitty Kitty

When Bella was rescued and came to live with us four houses and three children ago(!) she was the most skittish kitten you could ever meet. She trusted no one and never, ever allowed anyone to pat her. Slowly, ever so slowly, she became ‘my’ cat and Rae had Thomas. She would sit on my lap, but no one else’s, and still run a mile from strangers.

After we lost Thomas she changed. Suddenly she became more trusting as she had the house was now her own. While still most definitely ‘my;’’ cat she  began to sit on Rae’s lap every now and then and even smooched strangers she thought nice enough. But never kids. Oh no, children were to be avoided at all costs.

And then along came Moo. Moo listened to us and took things at the glacial pace required. Eventually Bella decided she’d let Moo open and shut the back door for her. Then she decided Moo could pat her whenever she wanted.

But last night. Wow.

Last night Bella deemed Moo lap worthy.

Moo and I were equally surprised. After a couple of minutes Moo said “Dad, I need to go and sit at my desk.”. The surprise was too much and she was a little scared. I told her just to pat Bell and relax. So she did. And Bella purred, turned around and went back to sleep.

Looks like Bella has decided she has two people now.


Bunk Pencils

These pencils were a present yesterday – my wife rocks.


Game Day

Tiger Game DayPark in one of those one way, seemingly no-standing anywhere side streets. Rejoice when I find I park two blocks closer than where I normally park. The panel beaters are working overtime. Bugger, I forgot my phone.

Under the bridge, under the train tracks. Wonder if the guywith the metal detector in the park found anything.

Swan St via a laneway. I swear there was an ATM here, maybe 20 years ago. Lunch, sushi. The pregnant lady isn’t behind the counter. I wonder if she has had her baby since we were last here?

Stroll down Swan St. A smile of solidarity from a pretty girl wearing a Tiger’s scarf. Browse in the book cafe. $12 for ‘DOS for Dummies’. That’s as optimistic as a Tiger supporter has to be.

ANZ ATM at Richmond station only dispensing 50s. “They’re all going to the footy.” sighs a woman in to her phone as she walks past.

Coffee from a corner cafe. $5.50 extra large skinny latte. The room is full of yellow and black. “Enjoy the game.” as she passes the white paper cup to me. Obviously not a Tiger.

Stewart St curves me back towards the ‘G. Narrow footpaths, Tiger fans going to the ground or to Richmond for some lunch,

Cool, Brunton Ave is closed so I can walk up the road.  Walking in the middle of the road never gets old, even at 44. It’s a proper footy afternoon too; cold and grey with bare trees in Yarra Park.

Do you buy The Record from the first seller you see? He looks lonely out there. Walk on by. Move with the crowds along the path. This seller  is making an effort, buy from him.

Up the steps, up the stairs and in to my seat.

Beanie on, jacket on, scarf on. Game on.


7 times 2

7 years ago today these beautiful kids arrived.

Happy birthday to my two youngest, Mr Henry and my Moo.


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