Caught Shorts

I started my get fit campaign in April, nice autumnal weather when you just grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in the morning, perhaps added a jumper later in the day. This may explain the problem I encountered this morning on our first 30 degree day for spring/summer.

I have no shorts.

Well actually I have a lot of shorts but none of them fit me any more – I can pull each of them on, button and fly done up and then they all promptly fall down again. If I needed any more confirmation that I’ve lost a fair stack of weight then that was it.

I managed to find one pair I could keep up and an emergency dash to the shops should see me right for summer. This healthy thing is getting expensive.


One Response to “Caught Shorts”
  1. sarcasmom says:

    Have you ever been so glad to have to buy new clothes ? That is fantastic!

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