Small Things

Small Things

Found a site that has MP3’s of the Buffy Musical episode – fantastic, now I can make a CD of it. Amazing what can make you smile.

Nothing better than the morning

Nothing better than the morning coffee.

Last night I awoke from the most perfect slumber to the oddest sound. I swear someone was vacuuming the road. It took me a few minutes to wake up properly and figure out what the sound actually was. I opened the blinds and there was nothing to see except an empty road. Closed the blinds and as I wandered off to the loo I heard one last vacuum and then the mightiest roar, like the mothership lifting off.

Last night’s Temptation Island was a ripper too – one guy who has now cheated on both his girlfriend and his temporary mistress has just made himself the most hated man in Australia. He turned his back on a penthouse pet, ran off with his drinking buddy for his ‘dream date’ and, we assume, will try and pretend nothing happened when he meets his girl over the final bonfire. Oh, it’s such addictive crap.

Buffy, meanwhile, just gets better and better. Jone the Vampire Slayer. Superb. Finally Tara grows a back bone, but not sure what will happen to her now, just as I get to like her.

Almost time for the afternoon

Almost time for the afternoon coffee with Trish.

A noneventful day. Spent most of it trying to complete the intranet for Chemtronics (or Biomedical Australia as I think they call themselves now). Created a heap of databases to store the amazing mass of useless information they need, go to publish them to the server only to find it’s full. To top things off Rick, the server admin, is away today. That’s my cue for several hours of finger twiddling as i watch the network collapse and come back. It’s a wonderful feeling when you achieve nothing in a day of work.

Today’s music – Tragically Hip, Wheat Kings.