Time Marches on

And it’s suddenly mid-March 2008. Where in the world did the time, and for that matter, the year go?

Let’s start with Bert. His vocab has grown considerably recently, and his ability to pronounce words is getting better. Sure, Phoebe is still generally bee-bee, but he can and does say fee-bee a lot of the time now. He’s learning to jump, still hopping with one leg, but now following with the second, soon I’m sure it will be both feet up at the same time.

He’s still a Mama’s boy, but with only 9 more full days before I return to work, I’m working on him leaning on others, and attempting to do things himself. You have to watch it with him learning things on his own though, once he’s been shown, it’s “me do it! me do it!” and then the little grunts of frustration as he gives it his best shot.

He can still count to 10, though he’ll often leave a number out on purpose or now start to try to go further. He’s also singing his ABC’s, and only just learning the song, so he’s got the tune, but not all the letters, so with time I’m sure he’ll grasp more letters as we go. And yes, ‘Z’ at the end of the song is “Zed” not the American “Zee”, so even though it doesn’t rhyme, he still sings “next time won’t you sing with ME!!”.

I think my favourite thing with Bert is how he tells you he doesn’t want to do something or to have something. It’s kind of like he asks the question and answers it with a no; “me go bed, no”, or “have dinner, no”. It’s incredibly cute and he only does it for the negative answers, not the positive!

He’s a typical tantrum throwing toddler, though much better behaved than Phoebe was at that age, still at this age as a matter of fact. We have him yelling and growling, but he hasn’t thrown himself to the floor in frustration for a very long time. To memory he did that only a few times very early in the learning process and hasn’t bothered since. I’m giving us a huge pat on the back for that as it must have been the way we reacted to it that he’s not bothering anymore. He’s a beautiful boy and we’re so very proud of him.

Speaking of tantrums and toddlers, it seems Phoebe still hasn’t learned that certain things won’t work. She turned 12 this past week and it’s been a trying time getting her to this point. She knows how to push buttons and does so with gusto and seemingly with glee that it’s upsetting the house. I’ve been yelling to have her stop, but realise this isn’t the way to go about things, as Bert is also yelling at her at times, so now am determined to stop the yelling. A long time ago a wise old woman (ok, so she’s younger than me, but she’s still a clever chickadee, my Knack) told me when I felt like I was going to explode, to stop, count to ten and breathe calmly and then deal out the tongue lashing. As of today, there is no more yelling from Rae, ok, hard habit to break just like that, but so far so good today. It’s a thing worth working on.

Phoebe lives like she is the only one in the world, as I’m sure all teens do, but we need for her to realise that there are 5 others in the house and the world doesn’t revolve around just her.

On the positive side, she’s doing really well in her first term at High School. Rides her bike every day, and it’s quite a hike there. We have parent/teacher interviews tomorrow, so will hopefully come home with some good news. She says she’s enjoying school, and though she said the same of primary school, it appears that this time it’s true. Phee has found her happy place, it seems.

Now the twins, I really should report on them separately, but hey they are twins, they are the same, right? Well, no actually. But I can talk about them at the same time.

Now 8 months old, Henry is commando crawling and Kennedy rolls from A to B. She’s starting to stretch out to reach things and is realising that if she does it hard enough she can reach whatever it is she’s trying to get, pushing with her toes to get her that little bit further. I don’t think either are too far away from crawling. The playpen is up permanently in the lounge, the worst time in a parent’s life, with no room to move. Once they are up and walking it can be put away again, or actually it can be sold on ebay.

Neither are sitting properly yet, but she is almost there, balancing for a good minute when her strength is full and a few seconds when tired. He sits, but folds almost completely at the middle. He’s ready for yoga, anyway!

We’re on 3 solid feeds per day and 3 bottles and they are thriving. They generally have a snack or half bottle mid afternoon as a fill in, and as they get bigger and better at finger foods and having solid naps, they’ll be doing morning and arvo teas as well. I guess that will be in a month or two.

They love being read to, and I’m conscious to read them things that are short and have bright colours. Usually I don’t even read, I just show them pictures in a book and tell them about it, or there’s a couple of ‘colours’ books with a single colour per page. We look at the picture and say ‘red’ and then what is red on the page. Thanks to Mum we have a myriad of board books, she’s picked up a few recently from op shops, so there’s a good bunch to pick from.

So as I mentioned earlier, just so few days til I return to work. I’m in two minds. Partly excited about the prospect of working and getting money into the house and having adults to speak with daily and all of that. Mostly horribly saddened to be leaving my little ones, especially the twins. Bert I know can handle it, Mama’s boy or not. He’s 2 and a half now, and will go with the flow. Plus his Dad will be home and Bert just adores his Dada. The twins. It’s going to be heartwrenchingly awful on that first day. Prolly worse on the 5th day when it hits home that I won’t see them from morning to evening. And it’s going to be a longer day for me with PT driving me to work now with a new campus to get to. A positive out of it all? Dada will be home and I’m sure this blog won’t be as neglected as it has been with me home!

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