My Tweets For The Week

  • Saved by the new @Office feature of restoring an unsaved draft. Even so I'd still prefer autosave #
  • Tried a smaller keyboard. One day and aching wrists already so it's back to my much loved @Microsoft natural keyboard. #
  • At the sane time I ditched my Logitech mouse and returned to a @Microsoft mouse. They really do make great keyboards and mice. #
  • Being driven to distraction, I know who that missed call is from but can not for the life of me figure out what they want. ARGH! #
  • Just filled out Prep enrollment for twins. The same form filled out twice – only difference was the name on page 1. They need a twins form. #
  • Brain going a million miles an hour, think sleep is a long way off tonight. Contemplating going to the gym. #
  • Billy Bragg in Melbourne in October – who wants to join me? #
  • The more I use @Office Word 2013 and @SkyDrive the more I'm impressed. #
  • Didn't take much. @billybragg announces an Aus tour and on goes Workers Playtime. #
  • While I don't think anything could ever drag me away from @gmail the new looks great. @Outlook #
  • Hoping this is the last doctor visit for the year. #
  • Council collecting hard garbage, no more bin scabs cruising out street. #
  • An update seemed to kill the new @office for me. Couple of system restores and three attempts at a reinstall and it's back. #
  • Just spent 10 minutes in the sun tracking planes as they left Tulla with my new plane tracking app on my tablet. #couldIgetmorenerdy #
  • Nice to have light again at this time of the night, kids still playing (read – screaming and running around) outside. #
  • Yum! @coles toasted muesli is delicious, can't wait for breakfast. #
  • Icicles on my weather apps this morning. Not telling Rae it was -1 when she left for work. #
  • Lemon wedges for the baked fish tonight courtesy of our tree. Yum. #
  • I'm having my office at the sunny end of our next house. #
  • Trying not to be seduced by this perfect day in to thinking winter may be on the way out. #
  • Kids Have Been So Good It's A Quick Pikelet Making Break #
  • Pikelets For The Kids #
  • Chicken and prawn red Thai curry. Great Friday night dinner. #
  • Cotchin, you are a star. #
  • Nahas, you are a star. #
  • Ivan, you are a star. The mullet reigns supreme. #gotiges #
  • Tigers, what are you doing…. #
  • They broke my heart the weeks running, now I'm disgusted. #gotiges #
  • Nahas, I want to have your man babies. #gotiges #
  • You too Tuckie #gotiges #
  • Matt White grabs the jumper after his goal. Love to see it. #gotiges #
  • Sorry for doubting you Tigers, great comeback after being challenged. Onwards and Upwards #gotiges #
  • One child at work, three others full of beans at 7 on a Sunday morning. #
  • Any @nikon (D60) users have a fix for a card slot that keeps ejecting the card (ie it won't go in at all). Nothing stuck inside the slot. #
  • Mmmmmmm. Leftover curry for lunch. #
  • To quote dad it seems that Moo has been vaccinated with a gramophone needle. She won't shut up today. #
  • Just used the food processor for the first time. Ridiculous how excited I am at what I can now do. #

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